See How Easy It Is to De-Ice Large Areas

Purchase giant salt bags to melt snow fast

Purchase a one-ton salt bag and get serious about fighting the ice. Snow Business, LLC stays well-stocked on bulk ice bags. If your landscaping company provides snow services, buy giant salt bags in bulk to save big money.

Our bulk salt bags will help you get rid of ice and snow on roads, parking lots and walkways. If you have to melt snow or ice on more than one property, use a bulk bag to save time and get the job done efficiently.

Call us at 270-683-9998 to place your bulk salt bag order.

How our salt bag process works

How our salt bag process works

Snow Business's bulk salt bag process works like this:

  • Bring your work truck to our warehouse.
  • We'll place a bulk bag on the back of your truck using a forklift.
  • Our machine will fill the bag with the salt mixture.
  • You can distribute the salt between your truck's tailgate spreaders.
  • You'll be able to spread salt quickly and effectively.

Choose Snow Business for your bulk salt bag needs.